PacTech – Packaging Technologies GmbH is a world leading provider of advanced wafer bumping, packaging and solder ball placement equipment. As an innovator in the area of Laser Assisted Solder-Jetting process and chip bonding, PacTech also provides state-of-the-art worldwide contract services for low-cost wafer level bumping and packaging at competitive prices and highest quality.


PacTech GmbH founded in Berlin, Germany as spinn-off from Fraunhofer-IZM

1997: 1st Manufacturing facility: PacTech GmbH, Nauen, Germany

2001: 2nd Manufacturing facility: PacTech USA Inc., CA, USA

2005: Equipment Field Service & Support Center, Thailand

2006: NAGASE & Co., Ltd. takes 60% shares in PacTech

2008: 3th Manufacturing facility: PacTech Asia Sdn. Bhd., Penang, Malaysia

2009: NAGASE & Co., Ltd. increases shares in PacTech to 74%

2012: >800 Production Machines in the field

2013: >115 patents granted

2013: NAGASE & Co., Ltd. increases shares in PacTech to 97%

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PacTech Group (Europe, USA, Asia): 340 employees