High-profile visitors at Nauen: Albrecht Gerber, Minister of the Economy of the State of Brandenburg, and Secretary of Culture Martin Gorholt spent the day at PacTech’s head offices, where CEO Heinrich Lüdeke and Annette Burczyk and Thomas Oppert introduced them to the success story of one of the high-tech pioneers in their state.

The visitors were particularly interested in the people and HR policy of PacTech: The spin-off of the Fraunhofer IZM currently employs 180 of its 370 people in the three shifts at Nauen. And PacTech continues to invest into the development of its unusually young workforce (at an average age of 33): 26 apprentice micro-technologists, mechatronics engineers, IT specialists, and management assistants are currently being trained. The great majority of them will remain with PacTech for their careers.

PacTech considers this an investment into its future. Alongside its continuous improvement of its processes, PacTech believes in a trained and qualified workforce to protect its excellent reputation with well-known clients like Intel or Samsung. With qualified people and quality processes, a little piece of Nauen will continue to be found in almost every smartphone around the world.