Laser Flip Chip Bonder

The LAPLACE-system provides an integrated solution for flip chip assembly. The laser assisted assembly is applied for soldering, ACF and NCP interconnections. The optional dispensing unit in the flip chip assembly platform allows a maximal flexibility for flux, solder paste and/or ACF, NCP dispense.

New Laplace-FC Chip Bonding Application

Fluxless Laser Assembly in Formic Acid Atmosphere

  Process schematic

LAPLACE-FC (Product Brochure Download)

  • Flip chip placement, reflow & curing in one step
  • Fluxfree reflow with laser
  • No additional reflow or curing
  • Suitable for Flip Chip Soldering and adhesive Flip Chip: ACF, NCP, ICA
  • Substrate materials:
    • PI, PVC, PE, Polyester
    • Paper based low cost substrates and others
Technical Specifications

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