Standalone Robot Laser Soldering Platform

The SB²-RSP system is a flexible multi-functional SMT robot soldering platform for automated high-speed sequential solder ball attach with in-situ laser reflow. It features a variety of optionally selectable features, such as automatic substrate handling systems, pick-and-place of components from reel to substrate, solder paste dispensing and laser reflow, laser wire soldering, wire bonding and solder jetting, automatic fluxing, and several others.
The SB²-RSP system is a cost-efficient substitution for manual soldering processes in the field of SMT high-volume manufacturing.

SB² Systems (Product Brochure Download)

  • Laser solder jetting by 6-axis robot bond-head movement
  • Flexible soldering angles freely programmable
  • Integrated pick-and-place of components from reel-to-substrate (optional feature)
  • SnAgCu, SnAg, SnPb, AuSn, InSn, SnBi
  • Flux-free reflow with laser
  • Solder ball diameter 450 – 2000µm
  • In-line capability
Technical Specifications

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