Gang Ball Placement for Wafer & Panel Level

Wafer Level Solder Balling is one of PacTech’s equipment platforms for solder deposition, covered by the Ultra-SB² machines. The Ultra-SB² is ideal for high yield and high volume wafer level solder balling applications.

Of the two machines available, the Automatic Ultra SB² 200/300 is made for micro ball bumping for flip chip & wafer-level CSP, whereas the Semiautomatic Ultra SB²-200 is used for one-step solder ball placement on wafer level.

Automatic Ultra-SB² 200/300

PacTech / Automatic Ultra-SB2 200/300 / web

Micro Ball Bumping for Flip Chip & Wafer Level CSP

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Semi-automatic Ultra-SB² 200

PacTech / Semi-automatic Ultra-SB² 200

Solder Ball Transfer on wafer level

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