PacLine 300 A50

The – PacLine 300 A50 – is a fully automated equipment for electroless deposition of Ni/Au, NiPd or NiPdAu bumps on semiconductor wafers with Al or Cu pad metallization. The system is able to process carriers with 50 wafers up to 8” and 20 wafers 12”.

The PacLine contains of a complete software solution for recipe management, process control and data logging. Complex failure and emergency routines are providing a secure system operation for handling of up to 4 process carrier in parallel. The usage of SECS GEM communication protocol enables direct interfacing with the facility host and flexible final adjustment on customer requirements.

Pac Tech is offering standard configured and industry proven bumping line’s as well as customized wet benches. The modular bumping line consists of an input/output station, a customized number of process modules, Quick Dump Rinse tanks, drying station and automatic Ni stripping.

Pac Tech offers a turnkey solution by delivering the equipment and the process chemicals in combination with a technology transfer.

PacLine 300 A50 (Product Brochure Download)

  • Maximum Flexibility: 4“-12“
  • UPH: up to 600,000 wafer per year 8“
  • No tooling
  • In-line Bath Control and Replenishment
  • Total Quality Software for recipe management, process control, data logging
  • SECS GEM Interface optional
  • Turnkey Process Solution


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