Pac Tech – Packaging Technologies and SiChuan SiChip Microelectronics announced the establishment of a partnership with the main objective of introducing  low cost high reliability electroless plating, and other wafer level packaging technologies into China.

In the first phase of the collaboration roadmap, the company will set up an electroless plating line, (Pacline 300 A50) in SiChip, with annual capacity of more than 500,000 wafers per year (200mm equivalent). In parallel, the company will transfer the NiAu electroless plating technology for solder bumping, solder clip attach and high reliability wirebonding, targeting 4”-8” wafer processing for discrete devices. The plating line is capable of handling up to 12” wafers and will utilize Pac Tech’s latest cyanide-free chemistry product line.

Phase Two includes the technology transfer of solder bumping and backside metallization processes to provide more comprehensive services in wafer level packaging, especially for WLCSP and MOSFET applications. The solder bumping process will be performed via PacTech’s flux print & ball drop stencil technology (Ultra-SB2), which can process solder balls as small as 60µm diameter and up to 1 million bumps per wafer. As part of the latest engineering efforts within Pac Tech’s subcontracting services department, the placement of solder balls as small as 50µm was also achieved.

Pac Tech Group CEO, Dr. Thorsten Teutsch is excited about the  partnership, commenting that “on top of the technology transfer, the company will also work with SiChip on application development, including solder jetting applications with Pac Tech’s laser jetting technology (SB2-Jet), to enable application support in China and provide value-added services to existing customers worldwide!”

SiChip, a company founded by veterans from the semiconductor and electronics industry in China, believes that this partnership will provide a unique cost competitive alternative for the Chinese domestic market in semiconductor discrete device and integrated circuit manufacturing industry.

PacTech News: PacTech and SiChip Launch Partnership in China