Nauen, Germany – In the context of an information event/ week organized by the german employment office, students had the chance to look into different companies and their training possibilities. So, students of the school Graf-von-Arco came to visit PacTech in its facilities. The tenth-graders met employee Matthias Fettke, who explained that the company only works with the latest technologies. “We are trying what might work and which processes can be realised. Among others we work with technologies of the latest mobile phones – at the moment also the Galaxy 8 and 9 by Samsung.”, he says.

The boys were astonished about the dimensions, in which PacTech works. ” With the naked eye, the smallest solder balls can only be recognized as dust. Others can stand temperatures up to 350 degrees – those, amongst others, are built into a mars rover.” tells us Matthias Fettke, one of the first trainees of the company.