After sawing the wafer into individual die, the die often times need to be picked from the sawing tape and placed into either, Waffle Packs, Gel Packs, or inserted into Tape and Reel pockets. Pac Tech has the capabilities to perform all of these operations either manually for low volume applications or fully automatic for high volume applications.

The die are peeled from the tape and manually loaded in die trays. Die are carefully peeled from the wafer tape and deposited on a special handling film utilizing a die-tape separator. An operator then moves the die from the film to the appropriate carrier utilizing a vacuum pencil.

In automated process, the wafer remains on the ring frame and is loaded onto the pick and place equipment. As it is clamped into place, the tape is stretched to increase the space between each die. The carriers are loaded onto the discharge fixture of the machine. Eject pins push up through the wafer tape to elevate the die and loosen it from the tape. The vacuum pickup arm retrieves the die and deposits the die in the carrier. The machine is programmed to recognize ink dots left on the surface of the die during the wafer probe and visual inspection operations. Electronic maps can be used to identify rejected dies.

Incoming Wafer Requirements:

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