Pac Tech offers subcontractor electroless nickel plating services for wafer bumping, pad resurfacing (wirebonding) and ACF/ACA applications. Pac Tech has three manufacturing sites around the world which offer these services. Our goal is to be customer oriented and flexible to meet all the customer’s needs. We offer support for prototyping, engineering, and R&D projects as well as high volume production. Each Pac Tech facility has a throughput of 600,000 wafers per year.

Pac Tech offers several different pad finshes and layer thicknesses using electroless nickel plating in combination with electroless palladium and immersion gold process:

  • e-Ni/Au
  • e-Ni/Pd
  • e-Ni/Pd/Au
  • e-Ni/Ag

Our flexible process is able to deposit nickel thicknesses between 2µm and 25µm, depending on the requirements and application. Palladium can be deposited in the range of 100nm and 300nm, gold is typically deposited between 30nm and 100nm. Running this process for more than 20 years we are very happy to help finding the right specifications for your application.




Electroless Ni/Au Plating Overview
Plating on Aluminum based semiconductors
Plating on Copper based semiconductors

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