Pac Tech offers high quality electro plating processes for Wafer Level RDL for WLCSP, Fine pitch RDL and Copper Pillar. Pac Tech Germany and Pac Tech USA offer the electro plating for low volume with the option to high volume processes at PacTech Asia. PacTech Asia uses a single Wafer Platform as a fully automated tool configurable to optimize capacity. The electro plating processes are supported by Pre-wet, ECD, SRD chambers in high volume configurations. A High Speed Cu plating solution is also available with following capabilities:

  • 200mm & 300mm Wafer capability
  • Wafer thickness: down to 200µm
  • Wafer exclusion zone: ≤ 3mm
  • Integrated UBM Etch with EPD
  • Cu Pillar/RDL Roughness (Ra) µm: 0.05 – 0.5
  • Throughput Cu RDL: 15 WPH (3-5um thick) / 10 WPH (10um thick)
  • Uniformity Cu Pillar: 2-5% (within wafer/within die)
  • Throughput Cu Pillar: 12 WPH (60um Cu) / 6 WPH (30um Cu)
  • Uniformity Cu RDL: 2-5% (within wafer/within die)

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